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Baha'i Society at the University of Otago

The Baha'i Society in the university is one of the most important activities of the youth. Because most of
them are the unversity students. Students and university staff cover a considerable porpotion of
the city's population. Therefore youth thought that it is a great opportuanity to establish
a Baha'i organisation among students and we did it!
The purpose of the society shall be:
 1- To promote, amongst all students and staff at Otago Univesity,
those ideals which accord with the basic teachings and principles
of the Baha'i Faith. These are:
  The realisation of the essentially spiritual nature of man,
   the reality of the soul, the importance of prayer and the
    need for all to strive to know and live by the Will of God.
The oneness of  mankindd  and the abolition of all forms
of prejudice.
The essentail oneness of all religions and the promotion
 of harmony and unity between the followers of all Faiths.
The equality of women and men.
The need for universal education.
Obedience to the laws of ones country and ovidance of
divisive partsan politics.
A  world federation of nations working in harmony for
the good of all on earth.
The essental harmony of science and religion.
The need for all to independently investigate truth.
A high moral standard and right dealings in all affairs.
A global approach to the worlds economic problems
based on spiritual values

2- To study and promotion of these techings and principles
either  directly  through  appropriate  activities  organised
by the  Baha'i Society or indirectly via the Baha'i Society
supporting other clubs and events that promote any of the
above teachings and principles
3- To promote accurate knowledge of the Baha'i Faith and
its teachings  and awareness of the existance of and the
activities of the worldwide Baha'i community.
4- To  support  and  encourage  members  to  persue their
studies diligently in the knowledge that through education
they can better serve mankind.
5- To  maintain  and  encourage  contact  with  baha'i
Societies in other tertiary institutions.
6- To arrange and encourage appropriate social and
recreational activities amongst members and the wider
University community that will build bonds of friendship.

The Society publishes its announcements
and notices in the University's press, Critic, every week.
 Baha'i Society opens its membership to all the students and staff.
We love to hear from youths all around the world, so PLEASE send us your comments,
suggestions or even your teaching experiences and stories... We would be
happy to make new friends from any point on the earth!
To cantact us just simply send an email to us

With Love and Respect
 University Otago Baha'i Society